"We've been in a lot of houses during our search for a new home, and we know from experience that staging can make all the difference. Center Staged Interiors had our house completely staged with just 24 hours notice, and gave us simple tips tailored exactly to our needs (working parents with two kids under age 3!). It must have worked, because we went under agreement in just three days. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who wants to give their house that "extra something" that separates them from the pack." - Michele
"I want to send a big thank you for the outstanding job you did staging my home. The rooms take on a whole new look and your incentive helped me to clear out items in my home that I really didn't need. As you stated, "less is more." Thank's for your help and expertise. I would recommend you to anyone trying to sell their home." - from Jane T in Malden
"WOW..... The changes made are absolutely amazing. Our parents comfortable home that they cherished so dearly has been transformed into a very comfortable move-in condition home for every potential buyer. We all knew the house needed a lot of interior cosmetic work. With the wall paper removed from the rooms and the walls painted, the rooms come alive and seem more spacious. Something as simple as painting the dark paneling, brightens the living room and hallway. The color choices are fantastic and are will appeal to everyone. Then the staged setting of furniture, tables, chairs, lights, diner plates, pictures, bedroom spreads, window treatments, knickknacks, etc will make this home a marketable one immediately. They have done an absolutely wonderful job. All of their hard work and results clearly show that they know what needs to be done and how to do it. Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job. Again ....WOW!!!!! " - John from Wakefield, MA
"Janet and her team, Lisa and Nicole, did a wonderful job in transforming my family homestead so that the prospective buyer will be able to see the potential that this wonderful house has to offer. They were professional, fun and easy to work with. They also worked in a tight timeframe to turnaround our home to get it market ready. Center Staged definitely has “the eye” to look at a room and see its full potential with a few changes, i.e., color of paint for the room, moving furniture around, using existing pieces and updating the accessories to appeal to the would-be buyers. Even if you are thinking of just updating your own home for a change, I highly recommend Center Staged Interiors to do either job. Great job!" - Mary Ann
"What a fantastic job done by all. We all knew that our parents house needed a lot of cosmetic work and are thrilled to see the transformation to a brighter, comfortable and homey look. The colors chosen for each room are beautiful along with the staging of tables, lamps, furniture, curtains, pictures and table settings are wonderful and for potential buyers many ideas on how to decorate and make rooms more spacious and brighter – so eye appealing! We all appreciate the hard work and the time spent by all and especially the front and back porch – clearly what a difference from before. The staging done by all shows someone who knows what should be done and done right. Again thank you for a well done job." - Sheila